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L'Once d'Or Virtuel - LOOV
Make easier your Digital LIFE

NMC got LOOV delivered in time !

New Media Consortium a Non-Profit Organisation with 250 learning institutions got the VRR from Stephane

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What a great way to "Bridge Realities" as would say Stephane Desnault with the milestone of deliverying the VRR within which our LOOV artefact can be purchased at Second Life best landmarks... Imagine would say John when 250 of the best educational institutions in the world get LOOV as the new media experience !

Should need to know how is NMC, here is the video from Youtube and Second Life

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What kids are learning in Virtual Worlds - improving education and life experiences !

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Lien croisé

Oh Second Life: New Virtual Room, Free for Educators and Non-Profits : "zed in a version size as big as a sim, we'll start to see more and more creative builds...What think you? Another aside, but a potentially intriguing one, is the virtual room's tie to a new social network tool called LOOV, which promises to bridge the gap between social networking and virtual worlds. Heck, I wasn't aware there even WAS a gap, but I guess so. Read more about LOOV, whose subscription is apparently tied to the price of rw gold...hmmmm...."

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Blog des Managers Intranet - Attali demande à Sarkozi de prendre 20 décisions do : "NMC (le consortium de 250 universités et business schools nord-américaines sur Second Life cf la vidéo http://loov.viabloga.com/news/nmc-got-loov-delivered-in-time). On approche de la réponse me direz-vous ?"

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Second life is not my cup of tea

Does Second life still exist ? I'm not a bif fan of thses kind of "network" but I admit that's a revolution.

Chaussures enfant en ligne - 24.10.11 à 12:48 - # - Répondre -

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