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L'Once d'Or Virtuel - LOOV
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Lundi 29 Avril 2013

City LOOV is ON Apple Store

Telecom Ecole de Management & Telecom Sud Paris (Institut Mines Telecom)

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The concept of City LOOV and Country LOOV are ON since the 5Plus City Forum organised by Serge PILICER on March 2013.

Along with Marius Preda, Veronica Scurtu and Traian Lavric we have developped further the easyness of the City LOOV application, both teams part of the Institut Mines Telecom in Evry (TEM & TSP).

Enjoy of the LOOV experience by downloading CityLOOV into the Apple Store and scan the images hereunder and you will earn LOOV virtual currency...

Then check in any Serge PILICER worldwide event (5Plus City Forum, Le Printemps du Numérique, Les Assises du Numérique, RuralTIC etc.) to earn more LOOV and redem them into our selection of fresh products :-)

Cheers and with lots of LOOV,

Just scan one of these 2 pictures to earn many LOOV... imagine how easy it to leverage virtual reality indoor (CityLOOV) or outdoor (CountryLOOV) in order to improve cityzens life...
Transactions made easier than ever, discovering new milestones as a tourist etc... new joy as a client etc.

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Mardi 28 Août 2012

CVCRI Shenzhen the PE & VC event of the year 2012

Mobile LOOV was there

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 This is by far the biggest PE&VC event in the world, held in Shenzhen China, and Mobile LOOV was there to present its project.

More to follow through now thanks to our friends of PMI Consultant & Pythagore China !

Players such as QQ Tencent are outstanding leaders... and our products & services perfectly timed and suited for securing virtual goods & currencies along with a new age of Social CRM tools !


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Mercredi 30 Septembre 2009

Brettonwoods 2.0 at the Open World Forum Paris October 2nd 2009

LOOV to declare a new economic order with Virtual Social Network and Open Money

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Everyone of you have heard of the Bretton Woods stuff, and without getting to serious but enough to take into account what is taking place in order desastrous economic and financial crisis... Open money are here to leverage an alternative order with more than 5000 social, virtual or open money... Twitter, Facebook and so many other Linden Dollars are face value of an electronic exchange of services or goods... further we think that with LOOV (L'Once d'Or Virtuel - The virtual once of gold) we could raise a new economic lifestyle leveraged by a Bretton Woods 2.0 !

Yes an economic order for the Open Source Money, the social money used in virtual worlds and all the virtual social networks of our age !

Just come on stage with us on the 2nd of October in Paris


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Dimanche 17 Février 2008

LOOV vending appliance on SL in Beta

Great stuff prepared by Stephane

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As of tonight you can go to the following Second Life Address to enter the LOOV Beta: 50 FREE LOOV Beta Orbs are available to the first comers !


Enjoy !

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Mercredi 16 Janvier 2008

NMC got LOOV delivered in time !

New Media Consortium a Non-Profit Organisation with 250 learning institutions got the VRR from Stephane

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What a great way to "Bridge Realities" as would say Stephane Desnault with the milestone of deliverying the VRR within which our LOOV artefact can be purchased at Second Life best landmarks... Imagine would say John when 250 of the best educational institutions in the world get LOOV as the new media experience !

Should need to know how is NMC, here is the video from Youtube and Second Life

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Vendredi 04 Janvier 2008

Imagina and LOOV will get in time in Second Life !

Just imagine what Stephane did... the best way to know is to watch this movie

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Here it is: we are going to have great insights about LOOV and soon you will be able to buy it, show it to your mates and benefit from its outstanding shinning value !

Let me know if you think that we have a chance to get something at the forthcoming Imagina Awards taking place on January 30th 2008 in Monaco... in the meantime the Ounce of Gold is beating a long time record with 856 US dollars !


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Jeudi 29 Novembre 2007

Gold price doubled in 3 years!

Imagine the future!

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To know everything about the reasonwhy gold price doubled in the last 3 years :


Sorry it's in French
Déjà sur une pente ascendante depuis quelques mois, le cours de l'or s'est brutalement renchéri à partir du mois de juillet 2007. L'once s'échangeait en moyenne au mois d'octobre sur le Bullion Market, le principal marché d'échange de métal précieux situé à Londres, à 754,6 dollars. Soit 16% de hausse en trois mois et près de 30% en un an.

C'est la crise du crédit aux Etats-Unis qui a rendu le marché tendu. Les investisseurs se sont tournés massivement vers l'or au moment où l'immobilier et le secteur bancaire montraient leurs limites spéculatives. Ces troubles financiers ont profité à la fameuse valeur refuge dans un contexte de dépréciation du dollar et des craintes inflationnistes.

Blandine Mouren

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LOOV - Press release !

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They are talking about us !

"Stephane Zugzwang, will introduce the latest version of the Virtual Reality room, and demonstrate its new features, especially how users can now incorporate their own scenes. He will also introduce LOOV, a new initiative designed to foster communication and collaboration in Second Life."


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